• Automotive & Bikes

    Gasoline Station, Vulcanizing Shop, Auto Shops, Motorcycle Shops, Mechanics
  • Beach

    Public Beach Resort , Private Beach Resort, Swimming Pool,
  • Business Services

    Advertising Services, Legal Services, Custom Services, Travel Services, Car Rental
  • Education

    Flight School, Public School, Private School, Music School, Sports School, Language School, Kindergarten, Diving School, Driving School, Cooking School,
  • Food

    Restaurant, Fast Food, Street Foods, Carenderia, Food Delivery, Food Catering, Canteen,
  • For Rent

    House for Rent, Lot for rent, House and lot for rent, Room for rent, Condo for Rent, Lot for lease, Office for rent, Boarding house, Beach for rent, Lot for lease
  • General Services

    Engineering, Air con Technician, Refrigerator Technician, Cleaning Services, Landscaping
  • Health & Medicine

    Pharmacy, Doctors Clinic, Hospital, Maternal Clinic, Midwife Clinic, Dental Clinic
  • Hotel Travel & Transport

    Travel Agency, Flight Booking, Hotel Reservation, VISA Services, Passport Services, Rent a Car, Rent a Plane, Rent a Yatch, rent a Boat, Rent a Van, Rent a Bus
  • IT Services

    Computer Repair, Internet Cafe, Laptop Repair, Application Software Services, Desktop Publishing, Digital Printing, Scanning, Photo Copy, CD Burning
  • Public Place

    Church, Prayer Center, Retreat Center, Chapel, Government offices, Barangay Office, Post Office,
  • Real Estate - House & Lot for Sale

    House & Lot For Sale and For Rent, Condominium, Apartment
  • Retail Shopping

    Souvenir, Grocery, Retail Store, Hardware, Pharmacy, Botica, Sari-sari Store, Shops
  • Salon & Barber Shop

    Barber shop, Hair shops, Nail Shops, Hair Dresser
  • Sports & Recreation

    Beach, Pool, Hotels, Resort, Motel, Gym, Badminton, Tennis Court, Basketball Gym, Boxing Gym


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